When It Rains

March 13, 2011
Searching for jobs is a specialty of mine. I have it down to an organized system. It looks like all that hard work has paid off. I have had one interview at a publishing house for an internship. Part time, possible hire at the end of three months. It looks very hopeful if I work my butt off and I can and will work my butt off. I will also be able to check a dream off my list. I have always wanted to work in a publishing house.

What I find funny is the day before I was excepted into the position I scheduled a phone interview with another company. This was a full-time proofreading position. I still took the interview. Think I did well. Then checked my e-mail to have another phone interview to schedule but that would be a move to West Virgina.

I write this because I find it amusing. Working so hard and applying to so many jobs and then it is, three in almost one week. I laughed. I’m also writing this for others who are looking and frustrated. There is a silver lining.

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