Literature Inspired Gifts

After the awesome mug I received for my birthday I decided to post a blog of some inspiring writing, reader, or author items. Some awesome literary themed things are from my own wish list. You may even find these great items can be gifts to that writer or reader friend/spouse/lova in your life.

Book Nerds may love this brass bracelet form etsy store, accessoreads. It’s the image of a vintage book shelf. No matter where you go you’ll have a library helping your style.

accessoreads Book Stack Cuff Bracelet

Next is a cover for an e-reader or table from GeekifyInc. It is leather, suede, wood, and metal. What I love about this cover is the title on the cover. The Neverending Story was not only an intriguing story but the cover doesn’t lie. All those stored reads on your table or e-reader really hold the neverending story supply.

The Neverending Story Cover from GeekifyInc.

Another favorite is the I Write canvas tote bag from BookFiend. Even though I’m not one to advertise that I like to write the vintage typewriter on the tote sells me on this bag.

I write. Canvas tote bag.

I know a lot of readers of my blog were loving my Write Drunk mug. I figured to add another little favorite of mine to this list. If you are a Harry Potter fan, this “Don’t Let The Muggles Get You Down” from AfternoonCoffee is the perfect mug. I see it for long days grinding away at a desk.

Don’t Let the Muggles Get you down.

Last but not least (I only say that because I can do a dozen of these blogs with literature themed fun stuff I don’t really need.) is this lithograph of The Last Unicorn by Peter S Beagle. A favorite book and movie has now become a favorite tote bag. Rachelle Meyer designed for Litograph this “The Last Unicorn” bag with the entire text and Unicorn design.  I’m in love.

The Last Unicorn Tote bag

Writer’s Cafe Account

I forgot all about it. I have a Writer’s Cafe account. I was looking through old emails and I found the creation profile email. I returned to the webpage and good news I remembered my username and password. I was met with a friend request and someone gave me helpful criticism on a poem I had posted 2 years ago. It was six months ago I got this review and I’m only answering back now but now I have a renewed curiosity in the site. I have been writing more often the last few months and since leaving school I don’t have the outside creative criticism on hand I think I need. This is now looking like the next step I’ll need to help my writing take shape into full body stories others will understand and love.

If anyone reading this has a Writer’s Cafe account feel free to friend me. If you have never heard of this website check it out. It is a free online writing community writers can meet other writers, post work, get constructive criticism and even enter contests. I love finding a renewed interest in something once forgotten. There is that instinct to protect my writing and my own self-esteem but I have to get over my fears and move forward.


How am I suppose to write all these stories slushing around in my head? How do I make them separately make sense? I know I can outline and organize but it is more then that. It’s that rushing and overwhelming feeling in the brain. All the ideas all trying to get out at once. The brain slows down like a few too many computer programs running. It’s the story you said you write with a friend, the query letter not coming together, some fixes for that first draft, and the new story ideas all picking this one moment. 
I hate that moment. 

Unemployed Rant

March 13, 2012

I am unemployed. My “free” time is looking and applying to jobs. I have projects I am working on but they are not producing money just yet. I hope this blog doesn’t put me or others in a poor light but just because I’m unemployed doesn’t mean you can take advantage of my time.

I guess most people have the image of an unemployed person sitting in their parents house, watching TV or playing video games and doing nothing not trying to benefit themselves. Unemployment is seen by some to be a wanted life of not having to do anything and not having go to the office from 9-5 and deal with whatever it is you hate dealing with at work.

So people are kind and will offer me a job to help them out in their business. First these people never give you a properly figured out time schedule. It will always only take one day or a few. They make it sound like this is a job you are helping them with when in the end you are doing it by yourself. They always tell you while you are doing the job how much they didn’t want to do it so they waited till last minute and than gave the job to you. If it happens to take more then the one day (which it does) they can string you along. Whether they intend to or not is never clear but I do believe one thing, because you are unemployed they think you need this and will wait for them to be ready.

Now I am frustrated. I worked one day on a tedious project. I thought it was me helping this woman. I worked on the project alone. I didn’t realize how big the project was going to be. I worked the whole day. I only took a break to eat. I didn’t waste time smart phoning. At the end of the day I was no where near finishing this project. I waited days being told they had more important things to take care of so the project was off. Weather got bad so no project. Months have gone by and this person called yesterday. I was busy so I didn’t get a chance to call her back. They called again this morning. I guess what else do I have to do since I’m out of work but jump when they say so.

Before you think I’m whining and tell me:

this person is trying to “helped” you
they could really use the help
It’s some extra cash for you
It should only take a few days what else are you doing

I don’t agree. Maybe it’s best you stop reading.

Worst is friends will try and make it sound like you should be thankful. I don’t need to be congratulated because I’m getting payed or helping out someone. I don’t need you to be excited for me or cheer me up when I try to explain to them my frustration.

Maybe I did make a mistake majoring in a subject I am passionate about, a subject I enjoy. I should have majored in a subject that would guarantee a job. I should have struggled and hated a career just because it paid well.

Most think I should have become a nurse like Mom. It pays and has great benefits. Yes, I could have became a nurse, doctor or assistant but don’t you feel the problem with the medical profession is most people never wanted that profession in the first place. Don’t you see and feel when you walk into a doctor’s office the assistant who could really care less about how you feel. The clinic that just moves you alone to just get you out. The elderly hospital that leaves someone in a wet bed because it’s not their job to clean them. That’s a human being! That could be you mother or father! I’ve seen people not help someone to the bathroom because that was not there job. Really?! That person is just asking for a helping hand. But no, they will get the nurse.

Maybe I should have stayed in my dead end retail job with no health care benefits, poor pay, or appreciation just because it was a job. I did love hearing everyday customer’s insults and put downs because I was a “dumb” cashier. Yes, I was a cashier but that doesn’t mean I’m not educated.

It is a bad economy but I don’t think that gives anyone the right to take advance of others. People should be more considerate. I hate talking about the economy, hearing advice about job searching and I hate how I should have went into this or have I thought about that.

I paid my way through college. I have no loans. You picked and payed for your child’s college so they graduate with a job. You gave them a car. They still get in trouble and their grades drop. I think I am more than capable of getting any job. I’m looking for something more filling. But thanks for helping me waste my time.

Sorry for the vent.



April 16, 2011
I am a pot that boils slow. People always see me happy and always think me such. They don’t think I could be angry. But I can be angry. There are others that hate me when I’m sad. They think since I always appear to be happy I must always be happy. Then there are others who would wonder what do I have to be sad about.

I am told if I am to have a blog I need something to stir the masses. If I want people to come to my blog I will have to be more passionate and controversial about things. Make people want to argue against my opinion.

Should I be more angry? Would more people read my blog or listen to me if I was complaining about everything? I think this could only work if I could swing it to be entertaining. Everyone complains about something but the ones who are listened to are the ones that have made it funny, angry or heart wrenching.

Facebook has turned into a slue of people whining and begging for attention. They are the student jumping out of their seat with their hands waving in the air yelping. More people sign off. But when someone can make a journey a funny, adventures, struggle with a clear point, well we all sign on. Writing any topic can be done but no one will read your story if it isn’t interesting and emotional.

My emotions written down don’t sound fun or interesting. They sound complaining and I won’t put readers through that.


When It Rains

March 13, 2011
Searching for jobs is a specialty of mine. I have it down to an organized system. It looks like all that hard work has paid off. I have had one interview at a publishing house for an internship. Part time, possible hire at the end of three months. It looks very hopeful if I work my butt off and I can and will work my butt off. I will also be able to check a dream off my list. I have always wanted to work in a publishing house.

What I find funny is the day before I was excepted into the position I scheduled a phone interview with another company. This was a full-time proofreading position. I still took the interview. Think I did well. Then checked my e-mail to have another phone interview to schedule but that would be a move to West Virgina.

I write this because I find it amusing. Working so hard and applying to so many jobs and then it is, three in almost one week. I laughed. I’m also writing this for others who are looking and frustrated. There is a silver lining.