One Blog Two Blogs

April 3, 2011
I find it amazing how many people have two or three blogs. With my new internship I have sometimes been given the task to search for emails of bloggers on certain topics so we can ask if they would like to review an upcoming book. With this task I find so many people will have a gardening blog, baking/cooking blog, and a baseball blog. Yet, I can barely uphold one. I guess since many of these peoples blogs can be seasonal they can move to another topic and never miss a writing opportunity.

I have tried and failed at a few blogs. I have tried to make specific subject blogs as I have heard from the experts is the proper way to blog. Truth is people wouldn’t just want to read the rambling of a stranger unless the reader was sure it was a topic that they love getting information on. In the past on my specific blogs I have become trapped, out of subtopics or bored sticking with the same theme. That is why I decided to make this blog’s subject matter my thoughts. Sure no one my know me and they will probably not want to read it but who cares, I’m writing. I’m putting something (thoughts, topics, concerns, complaints) out into the world wide whatever. So are they and they actually have readers.

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