Support Small Bookshops

I have a new affiliate partner and I’m so proud if this one. BookShop is an online bookstore trying to financially support independent, local bookstores. For a long time I was an affiliate for Amazon but I am so happy to finally have another option when linking books I love. This is a way to give back to your local community. When you buy from Bookshop you can find and support a specific local bookstore which will receive the full profit or let your purchase’s profit go into a pool that will be evenly distributed among independent bookstores. Right now this is my shop which is still a work in progress since I plan to add links to some more of my favorite books.

Another great option is for Audiobooks. I am not an affiliate for this company but it is another great site making it possible to buy audiobooks through your local bookshop. It is the same price as Audible (owned by Amazon) but proceeds from audiobooks purchased through are shared with your local bookstore.

Don’t feel you have to buy books. I am still a strong supporter of the library. The library is still a great way to save money, support your local community, and favorite authors. Really, I just want to spread the word that there are other options to buying books than Amazon and this one can strengthen your local community.

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