Edit Your Own Work Before Sending

Today is a writing/publishing lesson I learned the hard way. Four years ago I was working as an intern for The Celebrity Cafe. I wrote book, movie, and music reviews, interviewed a few celebs and wrote TV recaps. Mostly, I wrote celebrity news. When I sent my work in most articles would stay when published. Only once or twice was I emailed to rewrite an article because it was not up to the standard the cafe was looking for. But one time an article was published that I was and still not happy with. It was my first writing gig but sometimes I think I should have known better. I was interning and working part time as a casher. I think the TV recaps where the hard part of the internship. I’m not a committed TV watcher but it was a job and I agreed to recap Project Runway. This was around the time they were on Thursday at 9pm and started to air for an hour and half. By 10:30pm I was tired but I would write the article (about 500 to 800 words) and send it straight in. I had work the next morning and I knew there was no time to write Friday and get it on time. Tired is no way to edit your own work. I figured the editors on the other end would catch any inaccuracy, until one recap was published and the article was covered with errors. When I saw it posted up I cringed at all the mistakes I missed the night before and the comment from a stranger talking about the poorly written piece. After that I would write at night and edit it in the morning. I tired to wake up early or just skip breakfast. I never trusted another person to make sure is was blunder free. That Project Runway piece will haunt my mind because I know I’m a better writer than what’s presented in that article. I worry that piece will stop me from getting a dream job one day.

My next internship was a writer/editor for the website, Joonbug. Perspective. If you are writing in any field be aware everyone has limited timetables, and over flowing back-ends. As an editor, even with time crunches, I always read over the articles sent by “my” writers even if I’m sure I still missed mistakes. There could be an article with slip-ups even if it looked like the requirements were covered. I’ve heard of articles being published without being proofread. If an author consistently writes well and they need to post that article that second, editors will post it with not even glance.

Doesn’t matter if it is for print or digital, if you are just starting out and you are sending in articles make sure you send the best piece you can created.

One Blog Two Blogs

April 3, 2011
I find it amazing how many people have two or three blogs. With my new internship I have sometimes been given the task to search for emails of bloggers on certain topics so we can ask if they would like to review an upcoming book. With this task I find so many people will have a gardening blog, baking/cooking blog, and a baseball blog. Yet, I can barely uphold one. I guess since many of these peoples blogs can be seasonal they can move to another topic and never miss a writing opportunity.

I have tried and failed at a few blogs. I have tried to make specific subject blogs as I have heard from the experts is the proper way to blog. Truth is people wouldn’t just want to read the rambling of a stranger unless the reader was sure it was a topic that they love getting information on. In the past on my specific blogs I have become trapped, out of subtopics or bored sticking with the same theme. That is why I decided to make this blog’s subject matter my thoughts. Sure no one my know me and they will probably not want to read it but who cares, I’m writing. I’m putting something (thoughts, topics, concerns, complaints) out into the world wide whatever. So are they and they actually have readers.

When It Rains

March 13, 2011
Searching for jobs is a specialty of mine. I have it down to an organized system. It looks like all that hard work has paid off. I have had one interview at a publishing house for an internship. Part time, possible hire at the end of three months. It looks very hopeful if I work my butt off and I can and will work my butt off. I will also be able to check a dream off my list. I have always wanted to work in a publishing house.

What I find funny is the day before I was excepted into the position I scheduled a phone interview with another company. This was a full-time proofreading position. I still took the interview. Think I did well. Then checked my e-mail to have another phone interview to schedule but that would be a move to West Virgina.

I write this because I find it amusing. Working so hard and applying to so many jobs and then it is, three in almost one week. I laughed. I’m also writing this for others who are looking and frustrated. There is a silver lining.