New Year, Same Goals

Happy New Year! Checking in and happy to know people still follow my blog! Or at least I think you do. It could be the followers shown as following me have also disappeared from their blogs and are just a ghost of a follow, which is good too, I guess. One thing that hasn’t changed and is always a running theme, I will forever fight to post to this blog. It’s always been hard to find topics to post about. I’ve even posted when I wasn’t happy with the post but I was trying to post regularly so I would just post it. I have certainly found my theme for this blog over time, mostly writing about having trouble writing. And why not? There is a small section in bookstore with all such books.
I have big plans that will one day become a reality even if I can only seem to post here once every blue moon…or more often because blue moons happen less often then my posting. Blue Moons like my posting is not such a rare thing, just not an often thing. So, anyway, a New Year. Here we are again. Making promises we struggle to keep. So, this year, no promises other than write more. I’m pretty happy with making this the resolution of 2017 since I ended the old year on a good path of accomplishing more writing. I’m part of a creative group. It’s a writing/art group my co-workers organized. We have a few writers and drawers trying to meet once a week just to talk/do our creative thing, and encourage each other. It’s great. It’s the 1920s of Paris, France but 2016-17s (The years are not every poetic…oh well) New York/Ireland (Thanks Facebook and other internet programs).
I’ve found inspiration from author Gail Carriger. I tweeted her a writing question at the beginning of October and she answered! It was amazing for me and a big Thank you to her! Also, inspiration from Neil Gaiman, like his commencement speech and New Year posts. So, here is what I’m going to do this year…
Write more. About anything. Just create. I have a feeling it will be easier this year. More support, energy, and time. Try to stay positive through the frustration of work. Use that energy to write. If it’s exhausting don’t feel sad or mad just rest and try again tomorrow. Let’s get to work!


Free Writing

I don’t know what to write about this week. Sometimes this blog seems so easy. I know what the topic of the week will be and the words come easy. Other times, like now, I can’t seem to fine a theme. When I find myself at this wall I just start free writing. Write anything that comes to mind and see where it leads. It may not advance the story I was hoping to work on that day but I’m writing. Writing and reaching my goal seems to be the only thing that matters. I use pen and paper instead of a computer. I can feel the wall crumble. I may never use what I wrote but never can I say it didn’t help. I have found free writing a great way to get over writer’s block but I still couldn’t think of a blog topic this week.

How do you find your blog ideas?


Blogger’s Block

I’ve been trying to keep up with a blog schedule but it is proving to be a hard task. I try to post every Tuesday but I didn’t post anything yesterday because I have nothing to write about. For a bit I thought I’d post a creative writing piece but that ended with my brain going quiet at the site of the blinking curser. I was thinking about trying different days even though I know creative flow has nothing to do with a certain days of the week. Lately, I read a lot and was thinking of writing book reviews to fill up some blog space.

How do you keep your topic creative juices flowing? Have you had a blogger’s block? (Like writer’s block but with blogs?)

The End Is The Beginning

That is everything from my Tumblr blog. My past. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to receive all the new followers, likes, and comments. I have a renewed view on my writing. I mean, it is one thing to hear “that’s a great piece” or “you have some real skill,” etc. but to see feedback as little as a like, it’s a big deal. At least to me.

I promise your reader feed will not be flooded with post from me. From here on I will try to post on a schedule. Weekly at least. So until then.

Hope You Stay Tuned.

That was 2011. I started this blog on Tumblr. Recently I was told by a few peps that I should try a platform that gives readers more interaction. So, I’m back at WordPress. I could have just started a new blog on this day but I couldn’t leave behind my past. I really liked some of the writing I did. It was interesting to re-read all my old posts. The up and downs of life’s jump robe.

Tomorrow (maybe later today) I’ll post (half of) 2012’s Random Thoughts. Don’t think there were to many storys since my blogging skills are not very scheduled. Hope all my new followers, readers, and likers stay tune. Thanks for taking the time.


April 16, 2011
I am a pot that boils slow. People always see me happy and always think me such. They don’t think I could be angry. But I can be angry. There are others that hate me when I’m sad. They think since I always appear to be happy I must always be happy. Then there are others who would wonder what do I have to be sad about.

I am told if I am to have a blog I need something to stir the masses. If I want people to come to my blog I will have to be more passionate and controversial about things. Make people want to argue against my opinion.

Should I be more angry? Would more people read my blog or listen to me if I was complaining about everything? I think this could only work if I could swing it to be entertaining. Everyone complains about something but the ones who are listened to are the ones that have made it funny, angry or heart wrenching.

Facebook has turned into a slue of people whining and begging for attention. They are the student jumping out of their seat with their hands waving in the air yelping. More people sign off. But when someone can make a journey a funny, adventures, struggle with a clear point, well we all sign on. Writing any topic can be done but no one will read your story if it isn’t interesting and emotional.

My emotions written down don’t sound fun or interesting. They sound complaining and I won’t put readers through that.


One Blog Two Blogs

April 3, 2011
I find it amazing how many people have two or three blogs. With my new internship I have sometimes been given the task to search for emails of bloggers on certain topics so we can ask if they would like to review an upcoming book. With this task I find so many people will have a gardening blog, baking/cooking blog, and a baseball blog. Yet, I can barely uphold one. I guess since many of these peoples blogs can be seasonal they can move to another topic and never miss a writing opportunity.

I have tried and failed at a few blogs. I have tried to make specific subject blogs as I have heard from the experts is the proper way to blog. Truth is people wouldn’t just want to read the rambling of a stranger unless the reader was sure it was a topic that they love getting information on. In the past on my specific blogs I have become trapped, out of subtopics or bored sticking with the same theme. That is why I decided to make this blog’s subject matter my thoughts. Sure no one my know me and they will probably not want to read it but who cares, I’m writing. I’m putting something (thoughts, topics, concerns, complaints) out into the world wide whatever. So are they and they actually have readers.