April 16, 2011
I am a pot that boils slow. People always see me happy and always think me such. They don’t think I could be angry. But I can be angry. There are others that hate me when I’m sad. They think since I always appear to be happy I must always be happy. Then there are others who would wonder what do I have to be sad about.

I am told if I am to have a blog I need something to stir the masses. If I want people to come to my blog I will have to be more passionate and controversial about things. Make people want to argue against my opinion.

Should I be more angry? Would more people read my blog or listen to me if I was complaining about everything? I think this could only work if I could swing it to be entertaining. Everyone complains about something but the ones who are listened to are the ones that have made it funny, angry or heart wrenching.

Facebook has turned into a slue of people whining and begging for attention. They are the student jumping out of their seat with their hands waving in the air yelping. More people sign off. But when someone can make a journey a funny, adventures, struggle with a clear point, well we all sign on. Writing any topic can be done but no one will read your story if it isn’t interesting and emotional.

My emotions written down don’t sound fun or interesting. They sound complaining and I won’t put readers through that.


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