A Writer’s Life For Me?

May 10, 2011
I have trouble writing. I have trouble making a schedule. Sitting down, not being distracted and writing. I struggle. I have read many books, have taken classes, and I can’t seem to write. I was doing okay while taking writing courses in college. I have tried to make my writing a job. I would freelance if I was given assignments. I can’t seem to come up with topics myself. I have trouble thinking about articles to write. When I wrote for Celebrity Cafe and joonbug I did a fine job of writing. I have been doing an okay writing for ShoeStyle.co.I am a procrastinator. I am a perfectionist. I will correct as I’m going no matter how often I repeat to myself, “First draft is always shit”. I have tried to write in the morning, at night and I struggle. I can’t find anywhere to write.

Even this post took me a long time to write.


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