Will E-Book’s Follow in the Footsteps of YouTube Videos?

February 9, 2011
The digital world is open to everyone. Every genius without the money can post a blog or video showing their talent. I am in awe when I come across a YouTube video that shows true talents, whether art, music, or film. But for every talented video there are tons of crappy ones.

Now e-books are popular and the next big thing for books. Many writers, when rejected by publisher after publisher, are finding it easier to self-publish their “babies.”  Some even find success and have their book published in print after good e-book sales.

I have read many articles on writing, self-editing, and self-publishing. One article made it clear when self-publishing make sure what you put out into the world is free of errors. Your work has to be more flawless then an actual published book if you want people to take notice and take your work seriously. Makes sense.

The other day, after sifting through a lot of garbage on YouTube, my question became, Will self publishing on the e-reader turn into YouTube? I worry about the future of books and my worry is content. The net is open to everyone. Just go to YouTube and search the site. Many of the videos are useless. I end up waiting for others to tell me whats good before I venture on to the media site and sometimes I still find myself wasting time.

Five or ten years from now, will readers have to search through tons of junk to find a literary gem?

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