Jobless Forever?

February 7, 2011
My heart hurts. I’m worried it is stress. See that, I’m worried because I’m stressed. Doesn’t that make me even more stressed?

A year ago I thought I would be better than I am now. After a writing internship for a year and a half and editorial internship for six months I thought I would land a job in a magazine, publishing house, or newspaper. I thought I would be learning the ropes, fetching coffee, and making money. I was dead wrong.

If I could get paid for sending out resumes I would be the best. It is a cruel obsession. Reading the requirements before the companies profile, wondering how many have already sent their resumes even though the job posting just went up a few hours ago. Never really being fully qualified.

People telling you, “don’t give up on your dream.” Seeing articles like, “The Best Companies to Work For” or “Top 50 Careers” only to see they have nothing close to your profession. Realizing you majored in the wrong subject. Seeing friends spend money, have fun and not care. Working in their dream jobs and the envy eating you.

I remember when I was happy. What happened to that girl?


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