Filming in a Small Community

February 10, 2011
Everything stops! No really. Here on this small island it is a big deal when film crews and cameras come to our little rock.

Fans, complainers, and the clueless come out to see the action.

Now there are two types of people the ones who want to see hollywood/be hollywood and the ones who like to bitch how many parking spaces these film people are taking up.

Believe me I know. I work as a cashier for a very long time in the area and when there was filming going on everyone who came in the store asked the same questions or make the same statements:

1. Why aren’t you watching the filming? (Um…I’m working.)

2. Do you know what’s going one? What are they filming? (And many more similar to this one.)

3. They come on my island and take up all these parking spots and do we ever see the money? I mean…(add more complaining here).

4. I had to park two (three) blocks away and walk! (These aren’t Manhattan blocks. They’re short.)

5. And my favorite, you should be in the movies. (ha ha ha).

Let’s just say I’m happy I’m not working in that store anymore. So, what are they filming this time? Interior scene for Boardwalk Empire. The cones are balancing on top of snow mountains waiting for the vans/trailers to get here. I am a little excited and am hoping to steal a peak of Steve Buscemi and/or Michael Pitt (if there are even here).

Now, I’m allowed to be a little star struck. Just not going out of my way.

Below are some pictures I took.


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