Finding the Write Time

I believe my new job is eating up my writing time. I am still writing but now I don’t have every waking moment to write. Procrastination and not scheduling my time properly has decreased my word output. It is the same struggle for many authors. They were able to write and publish novels with full time jobs. I guess the problem is I didn’t think it would take me so long to find my schedule. It could be my weekly changing schedule but I have to learn not to set a specific time. I don’t want my blog to suffer. I still believe I can post one article a week so don’t go anywhere. So far, I’ve only missed a week post here and there. All I know, it’s time to learn to take any free time available and write. I just hope my imagination learns to kick in when my fingers hit the keyboard or pen hits paper. Sorry muse but you either show up or I’ll be working alone.

How do you write with a changing work schedule? Do you still find same time everyday works best for you?

3 thoughts on “Finding the Write Time

  1. You said it, which is why I stopped to read. “I am still [deleter still] writing but now that [delete that] I don’t have every waking moment to write.”
    First be careful what you think and next write.
    Second, realize that writing, if you’re doing a story, comes from your imagination. You can use that consciously or subconsciously in spurts during any day.
    Third, you won’t remember everything roaming through your mind: Get a little spiral notebook 2 1/2 by 5 inches, or a phone or something to take down errant thoughts.

    Collect all those thoughts, tidbits, items and put them on a page and see how they’re organized into the larger framework of what you want to write about. It is not an outline. They are @ eight word reminders. Nothing is wrong even if you don’t use it where you thought it should go or where you believed it to be.
    Write, so you can accomplish in a half hour what might have taken two hours before.

    1. You are right. This was piece was a fast, quick piece before I set off to work. Didn’t want a second week in a row I didn’t post. So I just typed and did a quick read over. I should be more careful about writing, editing, and posting but this was an inspiration/deadline piece. I know I will make mistakes I hope to learn from them and try not repeat them. Thanks for the advice.
      I have carried a notebook and pen since college. What makes writing a little bit easier now days is if I forget the pen or paper (gasp). I have my phone and its notepad app or can even type myself an email for later editing.
      Thanks for the time saving tips. I will use them well.

      1. One final observation: I have found, sometimes, that writing may need a pencil and paper. It’s the slight difference in activity to adjust the brain and remind yourself of writing.
        However, electronic records to compile thoughts are frequently the only way to get the material quickly during the day.

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