NaNoWriMo, Timing Is Everything

I always, seriously, consider participating in the National Novel Writing Month then It’s a few days into November and I realize how my world count is behind. As of today I’m short 10,002 words from being on track to writing my novella. It seems to be a thing a wannabe writer must try once and this year is not my month. I have learned that many who join the NaNoWriMo club prepare character profiles, and outlines before the start of November 1st. It would help to have a jumping off point but I was not prepared. I know you shouldn’t use a project you’ve been working on and should start fresh so I don’t have anyway to start. With my new job I am still trying to organize my time to make sure I get in daily writing time. Did I miss a learning opportunity? With a 50,000 word count goal I think I have waited to long and I’m out. I guess I can consider it next year.

Have you attempted NaNoWriMo? What has been your experience?

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo, Timing Is Everything

  1. I have. And my experience with it is that I’ve always had to be on the move and the couple of days a week I get to spend writing my now old story came close. I tried to make up for it by surpassing a day’s word count quota, but it stressed me out and I felt as if my content was too rushed. At 33k words, I still haven’t reached my goal… so sad. I hope you consider it again! Good luck!

      1. I was just looking at my story, and I thought to myself, it would probably take me reading the whole thing to get back in that headspace again.

      2. Yeah, if you wanted to try NaNoWriMo again they do say it’s best to start with a blank slate and not use a story you’ve already worked on. But all the word count, time crunch stress will come back.
        If you still care about this story you can always work on the draft separately.

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