Just A Drive By Insult

I’m wearing shorts, tank top, and these boots today. Nothing fancy. An outfit I thought was low-key. They’re my new boots and I love them. I already have a plan to wear them not only with jeans but shorts and dresses. Seriously, they are bad ass.

Walking home from the store today and crossing a street a car stops at that street’s stop sign. The man is maybe in his late fifties. He waves the fingers on both hands while his thumbs stay rapped around the steering wheel. I guess this is him waving me on so I walk with a slight wave of thanks. I hit the corner and keep walking. I hear the man’s car roll up to the pedestrian cross walk just before turning on to the intersection and he says snarky, “Boots in Summer! Really. Okay.”

I didn’t turn around, just kept walking and ignored him as he drove away but I did think, “The better to kick your ass.” Maybe I should have delivered the burn but I don’t think I would feel less annoyed. Tired of rude people that don’t know me and feel the need to make comments. Why is it important to yell at a total stranger not bothering you? You can say it put a damper on my mood but I’m letting it go. I do think his momma should have taught him better manners.


White Mountain Fido Boots


2 thoughts on “Just A Drive By Insult

  1. Crappy people need to start making the connection that they are complained about by bloggers worldwide. He was rude to one person (you) in a short and forgettable way (to him). You, in turn, went and blogged about it. Now everyone who reads your blog post thinks that this anonymous person is a superficial idiot with enough spare time to shout half insults at strangers as he drives by. He pissed off the wrong person and now you have communicated your annoyance to the world (wide web).

    I complain about dumb and rude people on my blog sometimes and I always wish that they would just happen by to read what I’ve written. I’d like to think that it would make them reconsider their manners and the ways that they interact with other members of the human race. That may be naive and optimistic though.

    1. I never thought about it like that. I was using my writing as therapy and working through my annoyance. I wasn’t even going to post it at first but I thought maybe if someone was feeling inadequate about a similar situation they would find they are not alone. Like you, I do hope people who read these horribly rude situations think twice before they repeat a situation like this but the internet is full of trolls like life.

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