Just A Drive By Insult

I’m wearing shorts, tank top, and these boots today. Nothing fancy. An outfit I thought was low-key. They’re my new boots and I love them. I already have a plan to wear them not only with jeans but shorts and dresses. Seriously, they are bad ass.

Walking home from the store today and crossing a street a car stops at that street’s stop sign. The man is maybe in his late fifties. He waves the fingers on both hands while his thumbs stay rapped around the steering wheel. I guess this is him waving me on so I walk with a slight wave of thanks. I hit the corner and keep walking. I hear the man’s car roll up to the pedestrian cross walk just before turning on to the intersection and he says snarky, “Boots in Summer! Really. Okay.”

I didn’t turn around, just kept walking and ignored him as he drove away but I did think, “The better to kick your ass.” Maybe I should have delivered the burn but I don’t think I would feel less annoyed. Tired of rude people that don’t know me and feel the need to make comments. Why is it important to yell at a total stranger not bothering you? You can say it put a damper on my mood but I’m letting it go. I do think his momma should have taught him better manners.


White Mountain Fido Boots


Literature Inspired Gifts

After the awesome mug I received for my birthday I decided to post a blog of some inspiring writing, reader, or author items. Some awesome literary themed things are from my own wish list. You may even find these great items can be gifts to that writer or reader friend/spouse/lova in your life.

Book Nerds may love this brass bracelet form etsy store, accessoreads. It’s the image of a vintage book shelf. No matter where you go you’ll have a library helping your style.

accessoreads Book Stack Cuff Bracelet

Next is a cover for an e-reader or table from GeekifyInc. It is leather, suede, wood, and metal. What I love about this cover is the title on the cover. The Neverending Story was not only an intriguing story but the cover doesn’t lie. All those stored reads on your table or e-reader really hold the neverending story supply.

The Neverending Story Cover from GeekifyInc.

Another favorite is the I Write canvas tote bag from BookFiend. Even though I’m not one to advertise that I like to write the vintage typewriter on the tote sells me on this bag.

I write. Canvas tote bag.

I know a lot of readers of my blog were loving my Write Drunk mug. I figured to add another little favorite of mine to this list. If you are a Harry Potter fan, this “Don’t Let The Muggles Get You Down” from AfternoonCoffee is the perfect mug. I see it for long days grinding away at a desk.

Don’t Let the Muggles Get you down.

Last but not least (I only say that because I can do a dozen of these blogs with literature themed fun stuff I don’t really need.) is this lithograph of The Last Unicorn by Peter S Beagle. A favorite book and movie has now become a favorite tote bag. Rachelle Meyer designed for Litograph this “The Last Unicorn” bag with the entire text and Unicorn design.  I’m in love.

The Last Unicorn Tote bag

Shoe Obsession Barbie Doll

November 29, 2011
I shouldn’t keep posting my other writing and blogs on this blog. That’s not really what I wanted to use this blog for but this is a blog entry I did for ShoeStyle.Co. Writing is writing no matter where is it done and this is my writing.

Barbie has always been obsessed with cloths and shoes. She may have been the first female with a shoe buying problem. Oh! Wait, no. That’s right, I bought her everything she owned. (Okay. I was to young. My family did). Well to commemorate her obsession Mattel came out with Shoe Obsession Barbie.

Learning Shoe Fashion

September 30, 2011
I like writing about different topics. Keeps my mind sharp. What I have learned in the past few months is the fashion shoe world. I am not a shoe girl so at first I was slow on the topic because how much can be written about shoes? Now I know there are many topics waiting to be written about shoes.

I worry this will get boring for me but I do have Celebrity Cafe to break up the shoe fashion and maybe soon I’ll finish my other project that I will not talk about just yet because I still don’t want to jink it.

Anyway, I would love people to check out the ShoeStyle.co blog and tell me what you think. The site is still in beta so the more feedback the better we can improve the site to serve you, the customer.

Another great thing is I started a ShoeStyle.co Facebook page. If you are on Facebook please click “Like”. I also started a Twitter page. Feel free to follow.