Prompt Progress

I’ve been doing well writing my daily prompts. I’ve been posting my progress and what prompts I use on my Twitter and Facebook. If you haven’t been following here is a review of the prompts I used the last few days, word count, and the process I’ve noticed in my writing. I’m thinking if you read it and see a prompt you like you can try it. I’ve been googling a lot of these prompts from different sites and generators. Also, the prompts used I write about a page, singled space on Word. I prefer to type my prompts and I do go over the page mark when I’m on a roll with my story. I figure this isn’t college so I can bend the rules since they are my rules.

I won’t go over Friday and Monday’s prompts other then to tell you what they were. My last post I wrote about the writing progress and my word count but I never posted the prompts that gave me inspiration.

Friday’s prompt was, “The city burned, fire lighting up the night sky.” and Monday’s was, “Write a favorite outdoor childhood memory. First person, present tense.”

Tuesday was, “He wanted her job and it would be easy enough to take.” I had a little trouble staying in third person. I kept catching myself drifting into first. I did write a nice (clique) twist at the end but I did write 670 words.

Wednesday I wrote 801 words using “Outside the cabin, the wind howled through the trees, while inside, the old woman’s fire was nearly out.” It was a great prompt. I went the horror route on this one. It is just so fun to put a sweet looking old lady in a creepy cabin. My writing was more focused.

Thursday I wrote 592 words with the prompt that started, “She kept checking her phone and email, wishing someone would make contact.” This prompt’s story line ending up being based some feeling had a few years ago. It was quite therapeutic but I couldn’t for me write the ending.

And today I ended the week strong with 774 words. The writing prompt was about a character stuck in a zombie apocalypse. Another fun, imaginative exercise. My writing is becoming more distributive but next week I have to work on sense of smell. I see my characters are describing their feels and hearing scary things but they haven’t smelled much. I want to work on a clear picture of surroundings that readers can see.

SO that’s it. Do you think you will try any of these prompts? Do you know any good prompts you think I should try? I would love to here from you.

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