Facebook Author Page And Prompt Update

I think I am jumping the gun. I just set up an author page for myself on Facebook. When asked if I was famous I clicked yes. I have the mental thought and hope I will be one day. I don’t have a book published or any book in the works to be published but it could happen. Maybe if I create this page things will fall into place. What is famous anyway? Right!

I was thinking I’ve been late on the creation of the page. This may have been a great place to post all the articles I had written when I was writing for The Celebrity Cafe and Joonbug. I had posted the articles written for these sites as public view but now with the many changes to Facebook they don’t come up on my public page. I can’t open my Facebook to the public. It is too personal for public consumption.

As a wanna be author I have to think about my own social media presence and public relations. I worked as an intern with a publishing house for a short time. When we reviewed queries one of the things we checked was the author’s social media presents. Obviously, this wasn’t the only thing I’m just clarifying it was one of the things checked. The number of followers was a possible calculation to a number of book sales. This is my logic for creating my author’s page.

If you would like to “Like” my crazy author’s page click HERE. Don’t expect much. I just started it and it’s very empty right now.

An update on the prompts. I have been doing well. Friday I completed a 582 word prompt. I could tell I am a rusty writer. The writing wasn’t very visual. In the begin, it was me telling instead of showing. As the writing continued I think my imagination was breaking down the wall and I was finding the words painting the reader a picture. Today I wrote 526 word prompt. I’m getting better. This time it took me a bit to get into the prompt. Once over the hump it was hard to stop but it was mostly descriptions of surroundings than story. I finally stopped when I got stuck on the ending. (Bottom of the page is always a good place to stop.) If you’re wondering what happen to the weekend prompts, I didn’t do any. I don’t often write on the weekends.

I have been posting my prompts and word counts on my Twitter page. If you would like to follow and write along click HERE. Be warned. My Twitter is not just writing prompts. I also participate in Vaginal Fantasy book club monthly and tweet what I find amusing, interesting, and funny.

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