Independent Projects

September 22, 2011
Working on so much. Writing for sites I have a foot in, sites I don’t have much in except the work I put in for them and sites I will have my whole brain in but nothing paying. Enterprising is a poor business.

So I am trying my best to learn about shoe fashion. Find the trends and write about them. If I was only more knowledgeable on fashion now. I can do celebrity writing. Some news days are better than others. Most days are the same. The most fun I have is interviewing but I am growing tired of working for free.

Trying to research the bones of a new site. Don’t know if I should say what that site will be just yet. Don’t want to jinks anything. I need it to happen. If no one will hire me then I need to be a part of the makings of another business.

Still searching and applying for a job. Double time. It is a constant struggle. One day the economy is better the next day it’s worst. Applying is always the same.


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