Just Write!

I’ve lost my writing schedule rhythm but I’m fighting to get it back. My changing work schedule and life are keeping me from pen and paper. I know I need to write more often in order to improve but I can’t seem to find the time or energy to motivate myself. When I do write, my new enemy is hesitation. Even now as I write this I am having trouble finding the thoughts I want to record and share. There is a struggle to not delete but I do because all of it doesn’t seem to sound right. Of course, I expect to struggle and fight to find time and subjects to write about. My brain is a dried ball on a pen. The pen is not empty. Oh, no. All I need is rapid scribbling to help the ink seep out once again. Until then I will often cringe and pause knowing this feeling will pass the more often I write. No matter the mental brawl, I will just write.

2 thoughts on “Just Write!

  1. Sorry to hear about your struggles. I know it’s kinda cliche advice: but write first thing in the morning. The more hours that pass, the more your brain fills with crap until you sit down to write and you can’t stop thinking about cleaning the kitchen and grocery shopping and calling that family member back. Other than that, the only way to beat a writing slump is to just keep writing through it.

    By the way, this is Brantley of the Brantley Blog (which kinda fell by the wayside). I just wanted to reconnect because you used to be a follower and I wanted to share with you my new project: The Story in the Frame. It’s an artistic collaboration between myself and my girlfriend (a photographer). I’m writing short stories about her photography now!

    1. Thanks for the advice. I will try to find my morning person deep inside and write in the morning.
      I’m so glad you’re still writing and you wanted to reconnect. I loved reading your writing and look forward to such a creative collaboration. You have a follower!

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