Go Out And Adopt A Pet

If you could clone the best pet you’ve ever owned, would you? They won over your heart with that cute face, their spunky personality, and moment’s shared. When they were gone the world stopped. It didn’t matter if you saw the end coming or it was sudden, either way it didn’t make your loss any more or less painful. Now, what if you can have your pet back? Would you clone your best friend? Dog and cats live short lives. With cloning you could have the opportunity to have the same pet for your entire lifetime. There are companies that will clone your cat or dog for you. For 50,000 – 100,000 dollars you can experience another lifetime with them. What about the homeless pets?

With so many homeless pets, strays or animals living in shelters, I can’t help but think that money would be better spent towards vaccination and care of an animal in need. Your perfect pet is gone. There could be another perfect pet waiting for you. A pet that can teach you new, fun lessons about living. Nothing can replace the one gone but you can save the life of one waiting for a chance at life outside a cage. Each animal has a special talent and personality and so many are in need of loving homes. Adopt today.

[I was cleaning out my computer today and I found this old writing I had forgotten all about. I recall it was a sample writing I sent in with a job application but I don’t remember for what company. I don’t think it’s half bad. Think it could have used a better title. Thought I’d leave it here so it can be read.]


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