Writing Fever

I write better at times away from home. Is it the clique atmosphere that makes the brain click and starts it running with poetic verse? Or is it the different location. The place that is not your own. New sensations? If it’s the nature noise and the city quite or the drown of the city’s loud buss and the stillness of the rural areas. Away, the words come. The mind loosens up. There is distance between your T.V. or fast internet and you can’t drift away from the page. The clock’s clicking doesn’t echo or count down but the word count increases.

2 thoughts on “Writing Fever

  1. I have a need to alternate my working-environment as well. For some reason I have to go to a coffee house to start organizing my head before I can then get to work on the writing. And I have to write in a place with a good atmo (w/ no distractions, like the Internet).

    1. I go to coffee shops too. I like to write with the white noise and the ready supply of caffeine. I agree, good atmosphere is key and the internet is full of empty distractions.

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