Primary Vs. Election Day

I try to explain my experience.

New York City had a primary two days ago. I worked the polls. It was a long 15 hour day but I liked it. I learned a few people were thrown off with what a Primary was. Republicans wanted vote for Democrats. Soon I was trying to make them understand that this is a vote for who they want to be the voice their party. Some cursed when they remembered, while others still stared at me blankly. Party doesn’t matter. Right? They can vote for whoever they want. I explained that was true in November on election day but not for a primary. I was mostly met with, “I wouldn’t have come in if I knew.”

I was surprised to see the age of people asking me questions. These were the wiser generation which had the better education. But there I was explaining the rules. For New York City the Democrats had a lot of decisions to make. In this Primary there was ten Mayoral, five Public Advocate, two Comptrollers, two Borough Presidents, and even a few (forgot how many) City Counsel candidates. The Republicans had three Mayoral candidates. So, Republicans would come out of the booth asking why they had so little. I would explain the Republican party most likely know who will be the voice for the party. If you weren’t part of the Democratic or Republican party you couldn’t vote in this primary. There was a hand full of people who left the building with voting card in hand ready to change there party so they could participate in the next primary.

I must say I was happy to see the turn out. For a primary I was told it wouldn’t be busy and true I probably don’t know what busy is but I was proud to see so many voting. But if you’re reading this I hope you now know the difference between Primary (who will represent your party’s voice in an election) and Election Day (vote for whoever you think best to represent everyone). I probably could have explained this more clear then this but that day I was trying to give the best possible answer everyone would understand.

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