No Water Needed?

Recently, I went to a bridal shower and in return the bride to be handed me a lovely light pink gift bag. With the bag came these words, “No water. It was nice seeing you. I’m so glad you came.” I returned polite farewells and moved out of the way so the next person could say their goodbyes. I opened the bag to the picture below. The net has left me with to many vague answers and none of the plants I’ve found have looked like this one. Am I right to think it’s an air plant? Can anyone tell me what type of plant or flower this is and how to take care of it? What should I expect? I don’t want to kill it. Any help will be great.


3 thoughts on “No Water Needed?

  1. Its a type of succulent, called Aeonium. “No water” is a bit of an exaggeration. I have one of these and it is potted (I just used regular potting soil but you can get a special succulent blend if you want). Nestle it in the dirt and give it a light watering once every week or two. Succulents are very low maintenance but they do need some water. Also if you ever want more of these, just pick off one of the leaves and plant it and a whole new plant will grow from it! FYI If you live in an area where it doesn’t get below freezing in winter you can also plant it outside.

    1. Cool. This makes me feel better. When she told me not to water it I didn’t know how to take the statement. I tried to search but when you don’t have a name it’s a bit tough. Thank you so much!

      1. No problem! Gardening is one of the few things where you can’t always just “google” the answer to a question 🙂

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