Brave Enough

Saturday I heard Sara Bareilles live for the Brave Enough Tour. It is a short tour she is doing with just herself on stage, performing and to promote her new album, Brave. It was her second show on the tour and it was amazing.

My Other and I drove from New York to New Haven, CT. The concert was held at Toad’s Place, a small and intimate venue. I liked the venue put out seats. Being short, I had a better shot at seeing the stage without getting trampled. The line was long and we showed up about 30 minutes before the doors opened. As always I thought the line was long when we showed up but I’m glad we got there when we did. The line continued to stretch as we waited. When we were inside we grabbed seats. As the venue filled, it became more difficult for others to find seats. I wasn’t going to go to the merchandise counter because I didn’t need another shirt (or so I kept telling myself). The nice people sitting behind us bought a tour poster and my other asked how much. The price soon didn’t matter. Sara Bareilles signed 250 posters. First I stood on the queue but when I finally got up to the counter the nice people selling merchandise told me they ran out and Sara was signing more. There was 10 minutes before the show began so I could some after and “chance” getting one. Chance is right. Anyone who has ever been to a concert knows if you want to beat the crowd you go to the merchandise counter before the show begins not after. The man told me I could always try during the show.

During the show, thinking I was being smart, I only brought up one credit card, and my ID. While he was trying my credit card I filled out one of Sara’s Brave Enough post cards. It’s a little art project she is doing with a friend. They want to know what you have been brave enough to do. I filled out one while I waited. I wrote, “To write about everything and nothing <3”. Of course, when my credit card didn’t work I had to go back to my seat to retrieve another. The man probably thought I was crazy because I started to walk away but looked back. He said, “I’ll hold on to them for you till you come back”. I think he thought I was looking back at the posters longingly but I was looking to make sure I wasn’t spazzing and leaving anything behind. I was already cursing my bad luck at my seat when my other went back to try and had no problems purchasing the posters.

After that the concert went on without a hitch. It was just Sara on stage being brave enough to perform by herself. She was amazing. She made me sing, laugh, and even tear up. She did two new songs off her new album, “Brave”, one called “Manhattan” and the self titled “Brave”. The concert sounded more like jam section. I loved the bass guitar she played during her song “Come Around Soon”. The song sounded so much more personal. Sara also made me tear up during her song “Gravity”. I love all her songs but she didn’t perform “King of Anything” which I think my Other was hoping to hear. Sara still impressed with her vocal abilities, writing, and instrument playing. She is goofy, funny, and enlightening with all her life stories and audience interaction. After the concert was over, my Other mentioned a hoped Sara may put out a live album from this tour.

Only one thing upset me. A couple across my aisle one row ahead played a phone game during her rendition of Elton John’s “Yellow Brick Road”. I guess they were not familiar with the song because once it was over and she started to sing another song they were on there feet moving and singing alone. I guess you paid for the tickets and you get to do whatever you want but I just think about the one person missing out because this concert was sold out. Plus, I think it’s disrespectful. It’s takes a lot, even well-known or famous, to stand on a stage in front of strangers and sing. At least listen. Right?

Anyway, I was surprised it was only an hour and a half show but there was no opening act so I think that made it felt quicker then most shows feel. Besides, I’m bias. I think I could listen to Sara Bareilles voice forever belting out old favorites and new creations.

Below I posted some pictures. Sorry for the burry face. I was, about 20 rows back and with the lights my camera phone struggled.




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