Today’s Count: 842 Total: 48,053

February 28, 2013
And I’m done. My first draft of my first novel. Holy shit I did it. I must say I learned so much from this beautiful failure. This was a novel on an image. I started writing with a picture in my mind and I kept the story going just with clique scenes and a goal to make it to 50,000 words. I didn’t make it to 50,000 but who cares. I wrote a full story. Beginning to end.

I learned so much. I now know my next story will have an outline. I learned where I can write. I learned to push through the hard parts. I learned to finish. I learned when I look over this story in a few months for the rewrite 95% of this story will be tossed and I’m fine with that.

The first draft is always shit. And mine was a big smelly one. But I can always say hell I did it! I did it for me.

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