Achievement Unlocked

July 24, 2012

I have written for thirty days straight. I have twittered my daily word count and a continual total word count. Even on Tumblr I have written of some of the stuggles I have discovered as I wrote. As I have said in the pass I have read that 21 days can break or make a habit. At the beginning of this project I decided thirty straight days should break my procrastination and difficulty I face just trying to sit down and write. Thirty days could make a habit where I didn’t just wait for inspiration but exercised my brain. 

In these thirty days I found that writing everyday was harder then I expected. But I didn’t let event plans or hanging out stop me. Even when I wanted to let plans stop me. I told myself I had my reward before my work and I would get no where if I just kept going without the hard work it takes to be accomplished. I sometimes only wrote for half an hour but hey, I wrote even if I only produced over 400 or 500 words. At night I gave less time to my writing as it slowed and my bed called me to sleep. The best days was the full hour that seem to fly away as I typed away at my story. I learned I like writing in the morning or early afternoon better then at night. I liked walking around the rest of the day with the inner knowledge of what I accomplished. I am still amazed at all the times I broke 1,000 words in a section. 

Twitter became another positive. I had a few people cheering me on and being inspired by me. (What?!) I was/am shocked by the new followers, all strangers, I have just because we share an interest. That inspired me.  

I have ended this month with a story word total of 22,336 words. A story still in the process of it’s first draft. A first draft that sucks but I can finally say I’m okay with how horrible it is. A story I hope will improve with all the rewrites I plan to work on in future drafts.  

So, what is next? I hope to make a writing schedule I will stick to. Maybe five days a week at least an hour a day. Work on this story. Maybe work on an outline to another story I have been thinking about. I’m still looking for a job but now I don’t feel I should apologized for ”slacking”. This month’s writing showed me so much more about myself I didn’t know I had in me. Maybe writing was always suppose to be the path I went down. 

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