Writing About Writing

June 28, 2012

I don’t know where all this writing energy has come from. When I have a free moment it’s all I can think about. Today I dug out a book I bought years ago (possibly 2005), No Plot? No Problem! by Chris Baty. He is the founder of National Novel Writing Month. I never fully participated in NNWM. I think I wrote a few hundred words and quit. Now, this writing I’m doing is not me participating in my own writer’s month. I always remember this book having great tips for kick starting or continuing through tough times and I know I will have writer’s block in the future.

The purpose of this post? I think it was yesterday’s writing. I had a portion of the story I wanted to change but I knew I shouldn’t delete. Sure enough one of his tips from the book, “Don’t Delete, Italicize”. Brilliant! So much better than parentheses. This little tip made me feel I was on the right track.   

One problem I almost had was with the program I’m writing with, Scrivener. I couldn’t find how to place an italic button on the main writing menu. If you have the same problem or maybe I’m just a little brain dead it’s not a big deal. I am implicating the task the manual way (Commend or ALT ‘I’). Other then that. I really like using Scrivener. Haven’t used the outliner or cork board but I love the ‘full screen’ option, which lets you choose the width of your paper and fades the background. Less distractions. 

Okay, enough talk about writing! I promise. 

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