Remembering a Dream

March 23, 2012

I had a dream last night I cut my hair. I was in the shower and I was just tired with how long it was, how I can’t seem to do anything to it and I wanted a change, something different. So I turned off the shower, step out, and the scissors were right there on the bathroom vanity. I picked them up grabbed a piece of my hair decided on a length and cut. I remember hearing the static of blade cutting through a chunk of hair. I held the hair in my hand. It hung down on either side of my clenched fist. I wondered what I would do with this piece of hair. I looked in the mirror, still holding the cut hair and thought, to short? but, really, I was satisfied. Satisfied I did it and nothing stopped me. It will grow back, I thought. Then my mom was behind me and I asked her if she could finish the job and “make sure the rest comes out somewhat even.” She said, “You could have just made an appointment to get it cut.” I remember thinking, then it would never happen. I woke up.

Funny how this silly GIF of Mulan cutting her hair made me remember that dream.

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