Corset Pains

March 27, 2012

I’m having this unexplained desire to wear one of my corsets. I would put on one of my favorite if I had somewhere to go or someone to see but I need someone to retie the back. It makes me sad to know if I do go out and want to wear it with a pair of jeans I can’t. Nothing to worry about tonight, I’m not going anywhere but I wish I never let a corset seller “fix it”.

Women are evil. Whenever I’ve bought a corset most of the women tie it so tight the first time. I know the front should be touching but I love when the sizer asks, “Can you breath?”
Never answer yes especially if you’re a skinny girl. Those women Hate skinny girls. They yank the strings, lifting your feet off the floor, and your breast to your chin until it’s a “perfect fit”.

Why can’t I wear my favorite corset? I had lost some weight and I was planning to gain it back but the store I bought the corset from years before saw it wasn’t fitting right and the women offered to fix it. She should have had me pull it higher on my body because it had slipped down. I question now if she really knew how a corset should fit. She tired it so tight in the back it overlapped (Not happy about that since it could have ruined the fabric). Also, it didn’t sit right on my body and dug into my ribs and hips wrong. I can deal with the pain a corset first gives after being out of practice wearing it but this was worst. I walked around like this for a few hours thinking it wasn’t the corset but me not use to it fitting again. The pain made me grumpy since I couldn’t breath and had trouble walking. Now my favorite corset is sitting in my closet waiting for Ren faire next year so a corset women can be mean to me and try to stop me from breathing and eating because I’m skinny.

Like I can’t just leave the store and loosen it…like I do.

Sigh…I want to wear a corset.


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