Road Tripping

October 22, 2011
I was having a conversation with myself on Facebook. That’s the moment I deleted it and came on tumblr to tell my story.

What do you do when you can’t sleep? I was thinking about driving to Boston for some early breakfast at the South Sea Diner. Maybe a stopover at Mohegan to win a few millions. Then I thought how much I wanted a Sweet Sue’s breakfast. Instead I would drive up to Phoenicia, NY. A quiet and smooth ride this time of night. Walking into Sue’s with the warm flour, sugar smell of cooking pancakes.

I realized while answering my own status feed that a spontaneous adventure would be perfect right now but I have no one to go with. Everyone is sleeping, partying, or doing something. Another good reason to caution when posting certain things on Facebook is the passenger. Never know who would answer back. I could go by myself but I feel half the adventure would be going with someone. Laughing, singing loud and off key to good music and getting to Sue’s to park outside talking, maybe even falling asleep, cramped in a car, warm. Wake up and order an amazing recipe mixed of fruit or nuts pancakes or omelets with pepper, onions and cheese. To drive home tired but coffee buzzed, full of sweet stuffed and content.

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