How Fast Is Not Fast Enough?

February 24, 2011
The Fisker Karma Hybrid car was covered on G4 last night. I was interested by the segment because environment friendly doesn’t usually go hand and hand with sports car. When I hear hybrid I think of the ugly, slow Prius. I still don’t understand why cars have to be ugly because they’re responsible. This car looks good.

Expected in 2012 the specs were said to be as followed:

Expected to go up to 50 miles on battery before switching to gas. “Not very far.”

0-60 in 6 seconds…I think, “Huh, not bad.”

Top speed of 95mph.

Me: “Oh, it only tops 95.”
Other: “Why? Do you need a car to go faster?”
Me: “If a car is going to be labeled a sports car top speed needs to be, at least, 160.”
Other: “When would you ever go or need to go 95 let alone 160?”

I put in many unlikely scenarios here: car chase (James Bond, Transporter style, police chase) or unexpected drag race for slips but he wasn’t buying it. He looked at me in the ‘I’m being silly” way and the conversation was stopped. Just because I may never have the opportunity to take my car to top speed doesn’t mean I don’t want cars to strive for fast and friendly. I want my car pretty (insert manly term), fun, and fast.

Not like any of this matters. At $100,000 I will not be in the market to buy one. And if I did have the money lets be honest…I want a new Mustang (maybe a Boss or Shelby), or 1972 Dodge Charger without the spoiler.

I like my car with muscle.


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