Then You Come Back From Vacation

I’m back! Didn’t think it was long enough where a reader would believe I abandoned this blog but could understand if you started second guessing my presence here. I was not posting for a bit because I was on vacation traveling. I’ve grown into an untrusting New Yorker and didn’t want to become a silly statistic. For very safe reasons I never posted my far far away-ness on this blog since this is open to anyone and anyone can be mean stealing jerk. I keep a travel journal and though I always fall a day or two behind it’s not because I don’t write everyday. I am the best writer while traveling because I can find scraps of time anywhere on the move to write. I do have some writing material since I’m the most diligent writer away and I hope to use that fire in the future.

Now here is where I beg for patience from you, my reader (if you’re still with me). I have a post I’m working on about a place I visited along my travels but it may take some time to write. Here is my sob story. On the last day of my vacation I hurt my ankle. I don’t know if it’s a sprain. I iced and rested it. It has been five days since the painful klutz move of missing a step and I can walk on it with very little discomfort so I must have lucked out.

The second fun thing to happen back from my trip is I woke up Thursday morning to water dripping from my study’s ceiling. Good news no computers were harmed in the disaster above and the leak (which ended up being little but chaotic) is fixed but computers are disconnected and the apartment is a disaster. Thank invention for laptops. I am sitting in the least crazy room (the bedroom that is stacked high with boardgames, monitors, and desk parts) typing this little blog post. I’m trying not to think about the holes in the next room’s ceiling and the contractors that will need to be contacted so everything can feel less anxious again. I can look on the bright side and say at least I’m writing.

Also, I’m upset because I’m behind on the one classic a month challenge. I have no excuse other than when I travel I write more and read less. I plan on starting my May classic in a few days (still between books) and gracing my reader on my amazing half-ass review. I hope you can forgive the delay. (Is this where I hash-tag my emotions.)

Now, I will enjoy a glass of wine, say good night, and sweet dreams.

Thank You Ravenswood Wine

February 15, 2012

Time to gush about Ravenswood Wine. Not only are their wines amazing but their customer service, even better.

I had to wait to post this because this gift was for someone else and I didn’t want to give away the present! It was more of a replacement gift.

We visited Ravenswood Winery in Sonoma California about two years ago. We tried tasty wines and walked away with their (If I remember correctly) complementarity Ravenswood logo wine glass with the black etching. Sometime after returning from the trip, I was doing the dishes for this person. The glass somehow cracked up the cup portion of the wineglass in the drain board. This person was very nice about it and now the glass just stands on a shelf. I don’t know why I didn’t think of replacing the glass sooner.

On their website you can only purchase their wine. I emailed them and I spoke to Kristin. She was so nice and helpful. I had told her I was in no rush but they shipped it fast and packed the glass well.

I will never touch/wash this person’s new glass. I should have ordered two so I could be better prepared if I crack another one but I know the people at Ravenswood wine are there to help me and my clumsiness.

If you ever get the chance to go to California, visit Ravenswood Winery in Sonoma.