I want to write but when I sit down all that fills my paper is tears. The pen cuts deep. It skips past the words I need and leaves me alone with scribbled mess. No character comes to mine. No scene with the scent of nature or city. No story.
Just tear it up and toss it out. Another useless day. Glassy eyes with mirror reflection of failure. The fight is gone.

Work in progress….general impressions.


March 9, 2012

Just pack up and leave. Never to return. Travel the world through road-trips and flights. See history, concerts, and art in architecture. Let natures colors change with the location of latitude and longitude. Find a little apartment in another town or city and take some random job that pays the bills and leaves a little left over for savings and fun stuff. Forget all the people from the past. Meet new people for the future or just right now.


February 20, 2012
My mouth is thick. My cheeks grow with every scratchy word. I am dishonest for pretty words. I trip over myself and secrets bruise memories. A fuzzy mess of desire. Not just flesh but mind. Both pink and ripe. An easy target. Dying for a time before. But everything is blue, purple, and black dripping with nothings. Hunt me. Find me. Destroy me.


February 10, 2012

I saw you but I don’t think you saw me. You were maybe a half a block away with your black windbreaker and red scarf hung loose around your neck. I had a feeling you would be out walking.
I didn’t call out to you. You were just out of range. I figured we would keep walking towards each other but then you turned the corner. Did you see me? I had my phone. I could have contacted you in someway but I just walked on.