Planting The Garden

Mother’s Day was busy. In the morning we planted the garden. Beefsteak and Big Boy tomatoes, red bell peppers, frying peppers, and eggplant have made it into the grown. Just like last year we pulled the weeds which wasn’t much compared to last year. Instead of adding manure this year we added peat moss. We spread the peat moss over the top of the area and was going to turn over the soil but the rotary tiller wasn’t working. After sometime we just decided to let the moss enter the soil naturally. We laid the seeping hose and pinned in the weed barrier fabric with staples. I planted the tomatoes in a row in the back, the peppers to the front near the stoop and eggplant next to the driveway. (Picture below). We left a space for the Romanian tomato pepper. I didn’t know I had to soak the seeds before planting so they ended up being late bloomers but from pictures below you can see they are growing strong and heathy. We are thinking of putting them in the grown this weekend or sometime next week. I was nerves after years of tilling that the worms present in the soil have been torn up. So we added some new worms to the soil. I didn’t take a picture but we also planted cucumbers and kale over in a small area of the yard.

This week we are helping the boyfriend’s grandma plant some of her veggies in her planter pots. So excited. I love gardening and I can’t wait for the veggies to start growing.

Romanian Tomato Pepper Plant
The Garden
The Garden

Spring Seeds

Saturday, March 15 I planted Tomato Pepper seeds with some help from my niece. I love planting seeds in my little cow pods. It reminds me that spring is on the way. I live in New York so the spring temperatures have been being a tease. A few days it has been enough to just wear a sweater. It’s a reminder of what is missed. But a day later the temperature drops to 30 degrees and feels colder than it felt in winter. Well no matter how much Old Man Winter is fighting, spring is coming. We have the spring equinox and the snow is melting. Little buds are starting to appear on trees and bushes.  I can’t wait to see some color back in the landscape.

If you are wondering I have mostly planted tomato pepper seeds and a few pods of parsley and oregano. The basil from last year is still alive, barely, (it was even a cold winter for the sun room) and I potted it with some new nutritious soil. Most of the other garden plants we purchase from a nursery near us. We plan to plant our usual Big Boy and Beef Steak tomatoes. I know we will continue planting eggplant and cucumbers. The question we always seem to have at the shop is which peppers will be add to the garden this year. Last year was an assortment of green bell peppers like California Wonder or Frying Peppers. A year before that we tried Lady Bell and Jalapeno pepper plants. I can’t wait to see what appears in the cart this year.

Below the picture may just look like dirt filled cow pods but I promise their are seeds hiding. When they start showing their sprouts I’ll make sure to post an update.


The Garden

Saturday I planted the garden. Since the temperature stayed in the mid 60s and the sun was in and out if the clouds it was a perfect day for gardening. My mom, boyfriend, and I pulled up all the weeds we could and turned over the ground. We mixed in four bags of compost manure. We laid down the rubber seeping hose and decided where the plants would go. Last year we used the fabric weed block and within a month it was worn down, tearing, and the garden was over run with weeds and grass. I was disappointed since I was trying to make my garden as environmentally friendly as posible. This year we went back to plastic. As a friend says, “If you are 79% environmentally friendly I think you are doing better than most”. We laid the plastic, pinning as we rolled it out, making sure to have a nice overlap at seams. We cut a “X” in the plastic enable  to dig a hole for the plant. I grew the red peppers from seed this year but we bought the other plants all ready established. We planted Big Boy and Beefsteak tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, and two green bell peppers. Below is a picture of the completed project.