A Lovely Surprise While Gardening

I was trimming some dead heads off the rose bushes and clipping some roses to bring in the house when I found a nice little surprise. Below is a picture of the nest I found sitting in a rose bush. I took my picture and walked away. I didn’t finish the pruning after this find because I didn’t want to disturb the nest.

Just from that short period of time I looked at the nest. It amazed me. The twigs where long and perfectly stacked. It almost looks like the bush is hugging the nest. I have found light blue eggs with brown specks before but most have been empty, the pervious occupant vacated. I finally learned what type of animal is home to that type of egg. I walked away and watched. Soon two sparrows landed on the lower part of the rose bush and a mockingbird flew out of the near by tree and chased them away.

I’m excited and hope they hatch.

The Mockingbird’s Nest Found in a Rose Bush