The Story of Six Word “Novel”

I wrote a six word story last week. Some may think I cheated on my writing production but many famous authors have used this form of writing to tell a story. There is even a story behind the six word story. It goes, Ernest Hemingway was challenged or bet he could write a short story in six words. Hemingway wrote, “For sale: Baby shoes, Never worn.” He won the challenge/bet with this powerful, simple six word story. In 1991, Arthur C. Clark wrote in a letter, “he still can’t think of it without crying.” After many years there is some question whether this actually happened and if Hemingway even wrote this story but the legend lives on and inspires people everyday to write their best six word story.

I’ve decided to take on the challenge. It’s not as easy as you think. I don’t know if I’ll ever write anything as moving as “Baby shoes” but I will continue  to challenge myself and you will witness it from time to time on this blog because I intend to post when I have one I think is good. Do you fine the Six Word Novel as good writing tool? Does it help or hinder?

Just Write

June 27, 2012

Words written today, 664. Editing while writing is one of my offenses but I didn’t go back. Well…okay, I did but I realized rewriting would get me no where in the story so separated the past writing by putting it in parentheses and wrote what I wanted to write from there. Now I have the start of two scenes in the beginning of chapter two but like Hemingway said, “The first draft of anything is shit.” and I just have to keep going. Edit and rewrite at the end.